Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Way I See It

Bill wants pictures of Keta, Julia wants pictures of the babies, Mom wants pictures of the school, Solomon wants pictures of my cornrows- I CANNOT KEEP UP WITH YOU PEOPLE! But I will try my best! :) So here's a little glimpse of my life recently...

St. Patrick's Day in Aflao

Keta getting a taste of America

My drama class playing "Sally Walker"
Drinking a coconut at Green Turtle Lodge

Aqidaa bridge

Julia and I practicing our African skills

Gabriel and Francis

Traditional mudhuts on the way to Tamale

Hamster or kitten? You decide

Julia showing kids photos of themselves in Aqidaa
Good to know that no matter how hard I try, I can't set this truck on fire...

Peter/Paul (never sure which), Bless and Edem making creative use of my chalk stubs and empty sticker sheets

My faux dreadlocks

Teaching English class

Christian helping with the grocery shopping at Denu Market
Overview of Aflao
Philip "Agogo"

Me and my boy Prince
Christian getting a haircut from Victoria

Circling my (50+) sand flea bites. Yes, this is what we do for fun in Ghana.
the witness and the Bride-to-be!

Constance, aka Superboy

My guest appearance on my friend's talkshow for Light FM

Worfa playing with Gracious and Lucky and the fleabag

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  1. A more acurate statement would be that Mama wants pictures of EVERYTHING!! haha Thanks for this post....appeases me a little bit. xoxo